2009/12 BA(hons) Visual Communication (Photography), 1st Class Degree, Birmingham City University.




2017 New Art West Midlands, Awarded Studio Visit, Neus Miro, Curator, Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

2016/17 Oriel Davies Gallery, Seed Commission Mentoring Programme, Newtown, Wales.

2016/17 Micro-Bursary Award, New Art West Midlands.

2016 New Art West Midlands, 'Artist Development Programme', Awarded Studio Visit, Birmingham Museums Trust.

2015 Artist in Residence, Croome Court National Trust, Pershore.

2014/15 Artist in Residence, Birmingham City University, School of Visual Communication (Photography).


Exhibitions/Presentations (Selected)


2017 Winter Exhibition, Argentea Gallery, Birmingham. (Forthcoming Exhibition)

2017 Exeter School of Art, 'INTER' (Book Arts), The Yard Gallery, Devon.

2017 University of Kent, Prescriptions: Artists Books, Templeman Library, Kent.

2017 Saltaire Arts Trail, 'Inside Out', Inside Out Commission, Saltaire, Yorkshire.

2017 'Fertile Ground' Alumni Exhibition, Argentea Gallery, Birmingham.

2016 Speaker, Redeye The Photography Network, 'Hothouse', Glenn Howells Architects, Birmingham.

2016/17 Oriel Davies Gallery, 'The Drawing Room', Newtown, Wales.

2016 UK Young Artists, National Festival Derby, University of Derby.

2016 The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, 'Prescriptions', Canterbury.

2016 Speaker, NEC, Redeye The Photography Network, 'Successful Contemporary Photography', The Photography Show, Birmingham.

2015/17 Croome Court, 'Soul to Sole" - Croome Redefined, Croome Court National Trust, Pershore. (Current Exhibition)

2015 Birmingham City University, 'Wallflower' Artist in Residence Exhibition, Birmingham.

2015 Speaker, Croome Court, 'Self-Portrait as Sophia Catherine', Croome Court National Trust, Pershore.

2015 Speaker, The Bluecoat Gallery, 'Hothouse', Look '15, Liverpool International Photography Festival, Liverpool.

2014 Speaker, Birmingham City University,'Wallflower', Artist in Residence Presentation, Birmingham.

2014 TATE Liverpool, 'Space', Blueprint Festival, Art Dock Studio, TATE Liverpool.

2014 Royal College of Art, Art for Youth 2014, Kensington Gore, London.

2014 Speaker, Birmingham City University, 'The Female Gaze', Women's Photography Symposium, Birmingham.

2014, The Signature Art Prize 2013/14 - photography category (finalist’s gala), Spitalfields Market, London.

2013 Royal College of Art, Art for Youth 2013, Kensington Gore, London.

2013 Bo.Lee Gallery, 'Saudade', Islington, London.

2013 Bo.Lee Gallery, The Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead, Hamstead Heath.

2013 The Hox Gallery, 'The Retreat', Curated by Curious Duke Gallery, Shoreditch, London.

2012 Nominated for Trevor Beattie Awards, Fine Art Photographer Award.

2012 Curious Duke Galley, Photomonth Photo Fair, Spitalfields Market , London.

2012 The Hox Gallery , 'The Curiosity Society', Curated by Curious Duke Gallery, Shoreditch, London.

2012 Curious Duke Gallery, BuyArt Fair, Spinningfields, Manchester.

2012 Curious Duke Gallery, 'Misconception', Islington, London.




University of Kent, (Artist Books and the Medical Humanities), Special Collections and Archives, Kent.

Croome Court National Trust, Pershore.

Corinne PErry

Corinne Perry Artist

All Images, Text and Web Design are Copyright  © Corinne Perry 2011 – 2017. All rights reserved.

Corinne Perry’s distinctively dark and evocative self-portraiture reflects her natural melancholic temperament. Life and art have become inextricably intertwined, greatly influenced by a fragile, and at times, turbulent struggle with the complexity of personal emotions. To bury this mental state deep within would allow it to thrive, but through her use of photography as therapy, she is offered a cathartic release.

The photographs manifest within the same four walls; the artists’ bedroom. This often heavily constructed interior transcends into an extension of self, a mental space in which Perry is able to explore deep rooted emotions in front of the cameras’ gaze. A central theme of the work is the merger of her body in relation to its surroundings, often heavily distressed they reveal something of her pain. This act of merging or being consumed by the very surroundings that entrap, create a potential to become lost within melancholia.

The work exhibits influences of a past era, with Perry’s usage of a traditional 35mm film camera and predominately black and white film. Many of the photographs are intimately hand-coloured; adding further layers of emotion until the image is born, alluding to the tactile and sensory nature of her work. The artists underlying vulnerability is further emphasized by the small and intimate scale of the photographs.


 Perry studied photography at Birmingham City University, graduating with a First Class Honours Degree in 2012. She was a guest speaker at The Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool as part of ‘Look 15’ Liverpool’s International Photography Festival, and more recently at The Photography Show, Birmingham, in 'Successful Contemporary Photography'.  Exhibitions include TATE Liverpool, The Royal College of Art, London, Croome Court NT and at the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge. Working with the National Trust as Artist in Residence at Croome Court, She created an installation for 'Croome Redefined', and has also created installation work at Oriel Davies Gallery for 'The Drawing Room'. Perry also continues to work on 'Wallflower' a series of hand coloured photographs, which she feels are the most intimate portrayals of her emotional state produced to date.

Corinne Perry's work has been an intense experience over the last few years with the culmination of six full series of photographic works produced using traditional 35mm photographic film. Whether it is black and white, hand-coloured or colour, Perry feels this traditional process has a timeless quality that cannot be replicated. Also the process not only reflects her Victorian inspiration but also the tactility and cathartic release that is born out of such a hand produced method of image making.


Below are each of Perry's works in chronological order. A more in-depth look into each series and a selection of images behind them can be seen by clicking on the images.

All images are available in limited edition C-type photographic print.

Misery 2011-12

'Misery' explores the breakdown of relationships, focusing on the emotional mind-set you can find yourself trapped within, of constant circles, emotional blocks and barriers stopping you from moving forward. It’s about that unsettling feeling when content is unexpectedly taken away......

Copyright Corinne Perry 2011-12

Delirium 2012

'Delirium' is a series of self-portraits based upon emotional entrapment within a state of negativity. The series was taken in the artists bedroom, with this personal space becoming a metaphor for her trapped emotions. The work was heavily influenced by Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Novella The Yellow Wallpaper......

Melancholia 2013 -17

Melancholia' is series based on the exploration of the artists melancholic temperament. Created in a deeply personal space, a metaphorical theatre, in which she is able to explore these emotions in front of the viewer’s gaze. The camera acts as a looking glass into the most private of feelings, normally hidden from view......

'I worry' is a series of expressionistic photographs, that explore the notion of worrying, something the artist has struggled with since childhood. The work reveals intimate details of the artists emotions, with her expressive 'mind drawings' drawn upon instinct, providing a physical dimension to the human psyche.......

'Wallflower' is based upon traumatic memories and emotions, exploring a sense of psychological entrapment experienced since childhood. The photographs are manifest within the same four walls, the artists’ bedroom. Her body inhabits this emotional room, often becoming part of it in a manner that suggests an unsettling disturbance between the physical and psychological boundaries of the interior........







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